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The mechanism of fat accumulation and weight gain

Hi Richie, l found your blog through Dr. Sam Hassan. Anyway, l have read in Prevention Magazine about the storage of fat in the body.  So my question is, can you explain to me the mechanism of fat accumulation and weight gain? Tim. S San Diego, CA Dr. Hassan is a great friend that I […]

How important are Amino Acids for Bodybuilding?

Richie, l was told by my trainer that Amino Acid supplements are not important for muscle building process. Is that true? If not what’s the effectiveness of Amino Acids and what’s the best time to take it? Thanks a lot. Jeff. W Lake Oswego, Oregon. I am not sure why your trainer told you that Amino […]

I was asked…

I was asked…

Hi Richie, how do l choose a good protein powder? Thanks for your help, —Jeff.S. Austin, TX. Thank you Jeff for asking me such important and serious question! You know that taking Whey protein at the right times can make all the difference between building an extra half-inch on your arms or adding 20 pounds […]